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and swooped
and swooped
# 24.04.2020 - 05:24:13

From the middle of July, we started the "devil training". Every day at 8:30 in the morning to the school model aircraft class. I am in the women ��s group Parliament Cigarettes, the only girl in the class. I thought how creative the airplane model was, but it was actually a replica of the manual class. If you use coarse sandpaper to grind small wood chips, grinding too thick or too thin will not work. If there is a grinding foam plug, it should be neither too small nor too large. There are also streamers Online Cigarettes. Of course, my special skill is to make a large parachute. It is not difficult to make a parachute, it is not easy to say, the material is the thin plastic tablecloth commonly used around us. First unfold a plastic tablecloth, fold the corner with 2 layers to its opposite side after four folds, and fold three times in a row. Use a pen to gently draw a few marks on the corner with the smallest angle, measure out 80 cm, cut it out, and it will be round after unfolding. Then find a few uniform points, and then use double-sided tape to stick the line to each point, straighten the line, tie a knot, and a parachute is done! (2) Start the game on August 1, it is our game day. Primary and middle school students from all over the province gathered on the large lawn of the Provincial Stadium to participate in the "2009 Provincial Youth Flying to Beijing-Flying to Space" model competition. Soon, a project I participated in-Rocket "Little Lux" arrived. After the inspection, we started to plug the engine ourselves. Unexpectedly, the plug engine is also very learned. The engine can not be inserted too deep or too shallow into the rocket body, otherwise it may affect the launch effect. Plug the engine, insert the lead into the small hole behind the engine, plug it tightly with a small paper ball, and then send the rocket into the launcher. I accidentally broke a wing of a "Little Lux", but fortunately, I still have two "Little Lux". Hey! The game stipulates that only three rockets per person are allowed for each project The referee records the time that the rocket stays in the air from launch to landing according to a stopwatch Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The longer the time, the better the score. (3) The project of "Little Lux" of Xiaolixianweiwei officially started. I brought the first "Little Luxi" to the launcher. Teacher Yang installed it carefully into the launcher. I plugged in the power "key" and shouted: "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch ---", press the launch button, "Little Lux" rushed into the sky in the thick smoke! Fly to the sky In the middle, opened the parachute with a click. Oh yeah, the launch was successful! But a strong wind slowly blew my little "Lux" on the opposite roof ... Mom said that my first "Little Lux" stayed in the air for 54 seconds! Not bad. I breathed a sigh of relief and pressed the second launch button with confidence. It was also successful! (4) The thunderbolt came and went quickly. The success of "Little Lux" made me very happy. After a while, it was the Rockets' "Thunderbolt" game. I installed the "Thunderbolt" engine and leads, and gave the "Thunderbolt" to Teacher Yang to the launcher. As I shouted again when counting down, Thunderbolt rushed into the sky. As soon as the sky went up, the streamer carried a thunderbolt and swooped down, suddenly planted into the grass. I fired the next two, and the result was like an arrow off the string, and then landed at a speed of 100 meters. Fainted, no wonder it is called "Thunderbolt", coming and going without a trace. The referee on the side said: "Your Thunderbolt rocket has not been improved, how come it came down so fast, Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt, you are really as fast as Lightning. It seems that you can only win the" Little Lux "
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