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# 12.09.2019 - 08:19:47

Yizhou is my hometown. I am still a teenager, I feel a strong hometown style. The screams of home snacks in the past were still ringing in my ears. Top on the head, carrying on the back, carrying on the shoulders Wholesale Cigarettes, the various snack vendors pushing the car, walking through the streets and selling the streets, to the ancient city of civilization, added a few bright. The scream of home snacks has a long history and is enduring. The screams of home snacks, some deep, some unconstrained, some crisp, some melodious, like a beautiful music. The rooster reported that the morning dawn, the sleeping people, can hear the local voice shouting in the middle of the song: "Loose - cake, tough board. Pine - cake, tough board." The shout is crisp, sweet, suggesting people; It��s dawn, the morning market is starting! Buy sponge cake, toughness! When a child wants to go to school, the parents immediately open the door to buy a few pieces of muffin, or a few tough plates. When they come home, they remind: "Get out of bed, eat the cake and go to school." The sponge cake is made with glutinous rice. , blocky, snowy, soft and sweet. The stencil is also made of glutinous rice. It is soft and elastic, and is as delicious as soft rice cake. At 9 o'clock in the morning, the street was sent to Cantonese for sale: "Wrap - steamed, wrapped - steamed!" At nine o'clock, the breakfast was specially prepared for the late old people. In the summer, it is a sugar oil, a cold alkaline water, cool, crisp, sweet; in winter, it is chestnut, peanut, small bean fragrant meat, aroma, steaming. It is difficult for children who are studying to have a chance. Only when they don��t go to school on Sunday, they only occasionally enjoy about two o'clock in the afternoon. The local voice is called to sell the sound: "The horse is rolling, the horse is rolling. The horse is rolling and the horse is rolling." The lunch snack sale began. . There is another kind of selling sound: "tofu flower, sweet and delicious tofu flower! Tofu flower, sweet and delicious tofu flower!" Children who have not reached school age, especially love to eat horses and roll, hear the sound of selling, Grandpa and grandma bought a horse to roll. The horse is rolling, it is made of glutinous rice. It is similar to Tang Yuan. The bread has white sugar, fragrant peanut powder, or sesame seeds, which are as big as duck eggs. The practice is: put the horse into the boiled water to cook, use the sieve to pick up, drain the water, heat it to the large dish containing the fried soybean powder, let the fried soybean powder stick to the appearance, Serve. The children saw the rolling and rolling, very happy and very interesting. Wrapped in dry lotus leaf, good-looking, fun, delicious, sweet and delicious. Old grandfather, grandmother, some have no teeth, some have bad teeth, and most like tofu flowers. Tofu flower is also called bean curd brain, delicate and sweet, easy to digest, nutritious, suitable for young and old. At the beginning of the Hua Deng, the night market snacks began to sell again. The first tour is the sale of Cantonese: "Green - bean paste, Zhi - Ma paste! Green - bean paste, Zhi - Ma paste!" Summer night is a cold drink, winter night is a hot food. This is a favorite snack. Bean paste, there are white sugar, banana - leaf - �� -! "More beautiful, more rhythmic rhythm, like folk songs, like music, melodious, intoxicating. This banana leafhopper is also called dog tongue, some places with banana leaf bag, some places with sorghum leaf bag, the smell is strange, revealing A strong nostalgia. At midnight, another Cantonese word is heard: "Ginkgo glutinous rice sugar - porridge, glutinous rice and fructose - porridge! Ginkgo glutinous rice sugar - porridge, glutinous rice ginkgo - porridge! "This beautiful and moving music adds a lot of warmth and interest to the quiet midnight. This kind of sugar porridge is actually the eight-treasure porridge that people often say Newport Cigarettes. The raw materials are: ginkgo, glutinous rice, red beans, lotus rice, red dates, peanuts, Mung bean, glutinous rice. The old man who is playing late into the night, the worker who has just returned from overtime, has tasted the sweet and delicious eight-treasure porridge Cigarettes For Sale, relieves hunger, quenches thirst, and relieves the lack of it. The snacks in his hometown are delicious and peculiar; the screams of home snacks are melodious. I love to eat snacks from my hometown. I prefer to listen to the screams of home snacks!
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# 18.09.2019 - 06:24:44

I used to think about this, and I have some of the same thoughts as you. And we need to investigate the matter more deeply
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